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Brands For Less is not "just another retailer". The purpose of our company is to bring the latest innovative products, items and gadgets availabale to the consumer. Unlike typical retailers however, we have committed resources to providing the best goods at the lowest prices, goods that will fascinate everybody and entice them to buy.

So our Mission is to add interest in buying things that makes people happy, with brands that help them look good, feel good and get more out of life.


We will accomplish our Vision through our commitment, in creating a dynamic organization where all are motivated towards the achievement of our shared vision and goals to become the future leaders in our field.

Vision Statement To be a world class retail services company by investing in our communities in delivering innovative products at extraordinary prices with an exellent service through our outlets and exceptional employees.

our people

Our staff in the stores are extremely helpful. They are quick in attending to customers and efficient in satisfying their needs. This is simply because they have a complete knowledge about product updates and information. And since they are the face of Brands For Less, they posses strong communication skills and highly trained for customer service.

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Maxingvest AG is the mother company of the Tchibo Group, and is made up of asset management subsidiaries and two operating sub-groups: Tchibo and Beiersdorf. These sub-groups provide maxingvest with a stable group portfolio, managed and developed in line with it's long-term strategy. Maxingvest AG also holds a majority stake (over 50%) in Beiersdorf AG, parent of the Beiersdorf subgroup. Beiersdorf is best known around the globe for skincare and beauty care products such as NIVEA, Labello, 8x4, and JUVENA brands.

Tchibo Prozente offers more than affordability and variety, it offers that brilliant element of surprise. With its ever changing weekly collection and limited quantities, Tchibo Prozente creates a need to come into the store, to discover and to explore its aisles time and again. Each week, as new stock arrives, lines of eager shoppers line up outside every Tchibo Prozente, ready to make a dash for the latest treasure Tchibo Prozente has in store, each time in hopes of landing a unique piece before it is sold out.


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About Us

A decade down, it is years ahead. The Brands For Less Group (BFL) was established in the year of 1996 with the intention of providing shopper's with an experience unlike any other. With in this short span of time. the BFL Group has gone from strength and now owns a large retail presence in the GCC. Each BFL outlet is designed and stocked to ensure customer satisfaction and happiness.

It is towards this end that the BFL Group acquired the Tchibo Franchise and started Tchibo Prozente. This has given Brands For Less access to the innovative and extra wide range of branded German products. This includes a whole spectrum of products, right from household utensils to office products, from toys to clothes. But, what really sets us apart from others are our prices. In fact, our prices are so ordinary that you may wonder whether you have gone back a few years.

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